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Expertise and Dedication

Optimal benefit from any hearing aid requires the level of expertise and dedication provided by the audiologists of Certified Hearing Aid Consultants, and their affiliation with the 9 Board Certified Ear Nose and Throat Specialists of ENT and Allergy Specialists.

Fully Licensed and Certified Audiologists

Certified Hearing Aid Consultants, affiliated with ENT and Allergy Specialists, is staffed by fully licensed, certified and dedicated audiologists. Since 1985 the Audiologists of Certified Hearing Aid Consultants have served the Northern Kentucky Region and Greater Cincinnati Region with the latest technology available for diagnosing and rehabilitating hearing deficits – we’ll be there when you need us!

The audiology staff of Certified Hearing Aid Consultants are very experienced, and utilize the latest technology to analyze complex hearing problems. We fit the latest technology in hearing instruments, and work with you beyond the initial fitting of a hearing aid in the tuning and rehabilitation of hearing problems.

Board Certified Ear, Nose and Throat Doctors

Each audiologist is a University trained professional who has obtained the highest level of audiology education possible, either a Doctoral Degree in Audiology or PhD. In addition, each of our 9 physicians are board certified in Otolaryngology – Ear Nose and Throat medicine. These physicians work directly and on a daily basis with the Audiologists of Certified Hearing Aid Consultants. Together this team is capable of the identification and care of all types of hearing problems. We can ensure that you receive a thorough, accurate hearing evaluation, and that your hearing health care needs are met.

The Audiologists of Certified Hearing Aid Consultants are licensed by the States of Kentucky and Indiana and certified by both the American Academy of Audiology and American Speech-Language and Hearing Association.

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