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What to Expect

Audiology Evaluation

This is the initial medical evaluation which determines the presence or absence of hearing loss, the ear(s) affected, the degree of hearing loss, the frequencies most affected, and the type or classification of hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Evaluation

This evaluation will help the Audiologist determine:

  • If a hearing aid(s) is appropriate for you
  • A Lifestyle Assessment to best understand your daily hearing environments
  • Type of hearing aid(s) best for your lifestyle
  • Provide comprehensive counseling to maximize the benefit of your hearing aids
  • Effective hearing solutions. Our patient's safety and health is paramount in our application of technology

Hearing Aid Fitting

During this visit, you will be fitted with custom-programmed hearing aids. You will receive detailed instructions concerning insertion techniques, battery replacement, volume adjustment, telephone usage, general maintenance and best care practices.

Getting used to your Hearing Aids

Getting used to amplification will take time.  Hearing Aids cannot restore your hearing to normal, and it may take several weeks or months before you are used to the hearing aids.  Consistency and patience with yourself are very important and will help you adjust most quickly.  Even your own voice sounds different when you wear hearing aids. 

Practice using the hearing aids in different environments.  Amplification will sound different in a variety of settings.  When you are having trouble, go back and see your Audiologist for follow-up appointments.  Digital hearing aids are adjustable and changes can be made to meet your needs.

Have realistic expectations.  Hearing aids will help to increase volume which for most patients will also increase the ability to understand speech, however for some the clarity in their ears is compromised.  Even if a sound is loud enough it still many not be clear.

Seek support and stay positive.  A willing attitude to practice and the support of family and friends will help your journey be a smooth process.

The success of your hearing aids will be helped by wearing them on a regular basis and taking appropriate care of them.  Our overall goal is that, in time, your hearing aids are comfortable and help enhance your ability of hear and communicate as best as possible.

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